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SSB Electronics

RA Ready built Equipment
(UEK21 Converter, SLN1420 Pre amp and S-Band Converter)

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Keps communication

1420 MHz Low Noise downconverter
For Hydrogen Line research with VHF amateur-radio receivers

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A Versatile Hybrid Synthesizer for UHF/Microwave Projects
(by John Miles, KE5FX)

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Logarithmic detector with AD8307
(by Christian Monstein, HB9SCT)

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Kuhne Electronic

High quality microwave components for professional and amateur radio applications

KOLTER Electronic

A source for very good quality PCI and ISA Boards for AD/DA conversion and I/O and even Encoder cards to read winkel geber

ELGO Electric

A supplier of very cheep 2 axis controlers to move a radio Telescope as well as the encoders needed to read the position

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